Below are the downloadable versions of Coop'art studies:

Etude : métiers d'art comme vecteur d'attractivité touristique d'un territoire_fr / Estudi oficis artístics_cat

Craftsmanship does not justify a reason for tourist travel, but it strengthens the offer of discovery. It has a strong sustainable character concerning conception and production and reinvests locally. The purpose of this study is to better knowing and understanding the processes in the craft lover's purchase act.

Guide de création de produits touristiques_fr / Manual de creació de productes turístics_cat

This guide aims to help craftsmen and tourist services companies to make crafts more visible as a component of the identity of tourist destinations.

Estudio diagnóstico sobre la situación del sector de la artesanía artítica en el Ter-Brugent y el rol de la antigua fábrica Burés

The general objective of this study is to identify the main territorial assets to promote craftsmanship as a basis for the local development of Ter-Brugent territory.